Where Will Scanning Work?

You can use the GTCF MobileScan app at college fairs in the U.S. and abroad! Order now to ensure that you are prepared to gather crucial student data effortlessly. Click here to view learn more about scanning and place an order.

Check below for a growing list of automated college fairs nationwide. If you don’t see the fairs you normally attend, let us know.

DateLocationFair Organizer
All ‘High School Visits’Your School Counselor(s)
9/1/22 – 11/1/22All Arkansas Fairs, ArkansasArkACRAO
9/6/22York High School – York, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/6/22Columbus High School – Columbus, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/6/22Grants High School – Grants, New MexicoNMCAC
9/6/22Gallup High School – Gallup, New MexicoNMCAC
9/6/22Hiroshi Miyamura High School – Gallup, New MexicoNMCAC
9/7/22Peru State College – Peru, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/7/22Newcomb High School – Newcomb, New MexicoNMCAC
9/7/22Shiprock High School – Shiprock, New MexicoNMCAC
9/7/22Kirtland Central High School – Kirtland, New MexicoNMCAC
9/7/22Farmington High School – Farmington, New MexicoNMCAC
9/8/22Falls City High School – Falls City, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/8/22Southeast Community College – Beatrice, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/8/22Aztec High School – Aztec, New MexicoNMCAC
9/8/22San Juan College – Farmington, New MexicoNMCAC
9/8/22Navajo Preparatory School – Farmington, New MexicoNMCAC
9/8/22Piedra Vista High School – Farmington, New MexicoNMCAC
9/9/22Fremont High School – Fremont, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/9/22Dulce High School – Dulce, New MexicoNMCAC
9/9/22Cuba High School – Cuba, New MexicoNMCAC
9/11/22Mount Calvary Baptist Church – Fairfield, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/12/22Lariat Auditorium – Mullen, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/12/22Alliance High School – Alliance, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/12/22San Francisco USD – City Hall, San Francisco, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/12/22Cibola High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/12/22Volcano Vista High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/12/22Saint Pius X High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/12/22Rio Rancho High School – Rio Rancho, New MexicoNMCAC
9/12/22V. Sue Cleveland High School – Rio Rancho, New MexicoNMCAC
9/12/22Bernalillo High School – Bernalillo, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Antioch & Pittsburg USD – Deer Valley HS Gym, Antioch, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/13/22Western Nebraska Community College – Scottsbluff, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/13/22Rio Grande High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Atrisco Heritage Academy High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Hope Christian School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Valencia High School – Los Lunas, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Belen High School – Belen, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Los Lunas High School – Los Lunas, New MexicoNMCAC
9/13/22Chadron State College – Chadron, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/13/22Vallejo City USD – John Finney HS Gym, Vallejo, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/14/22Fresno Convention Center Exhibit Hall – Fresno, CaliforniaFresno Area College Night 2022
9/14/22Sacramento City USD – TBAU-CAN
9/14/22Sidney High School – Sidney, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/14/22Ogallala High School – Ogallala, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/14/22Eldorado High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/14/22Sandia High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/14/22Manzano High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/14/22Manzano High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/15/22Twin Rivers USD – Grant Union HS Gym, Sacramento, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/15/22San Juan USD – El Camino Fundamental HS Gym, Sacramento, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/15/22Valley High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/15/22Albuquerque High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/15/22Highland High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/15/22East Mountain High School – Sandia Park, New MexicoNMCAC
9/15/22West Mesa High School – Albuquerque, New MexicoNMCAC
9/16/22Elk Grove USD – Monterey Trail HS Gym, Elk Grove, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/16/22Sacramento Charter HS – Gym, Sacramento, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/16/22Berna Facio Professional Development CenterNMCAC
9/17/22Greater Sacramento Area – Hilton Arden West, Sacramento, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/19/22Ord High School – Ord, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/19/22Broken Bow High School – Broken Bow, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/19/22Riverside USD – Martin Luther King HS Gym, Riverside, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/19/22South Dakota State University – Brookings, South DakotaCCASD
9/19/22Washington High School – Sioux Falls, South DakotaCCASD
9/19/22Moriarty High School – Moriarty, New MexicoNMCAC
9/19/22Santa Rosa High School – Santa Rosa, New MexicoNMCAC
9/19/22Tucumcari High School – Tucumcari, New MexicoNMCAC
9/20/22Ainsworth High School – Ainsworth, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/20/22Clayton High School – Clayton, New MexicoNMCAC
9/20/22Raton High School – Raton, New MexicoNMCAC
9/20/22Raton High School – Raton, New MexicoNMCAC
9/20/22Dakota Wesleyan University – Mitchell, South DakotaCCASD
9/20/22O’Neill High School – O’Neill, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/20/22San Bernardino City USD – Cajon HS Gym, San Bernardino, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/20/22Northland College – Ashland, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/21/22Augustana University – Sioux Falls, South DakotaCCASD
9/21/22Bloomfield High School – Bloomfield, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/21/22Taos High School – Taos, New MexicoNMCAC
9/21/22Northern New Mexico College – Espanola, New MexicoNMCAC
9/21/22Moreno Valley USD – Moreno Valley HS Gym, Moreno Valley, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/21/22Northeast Community College – Norfolk, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/21/22Tea High School – Tea, South DakotaCCASD
9/21/22Val Verde USD – Citrus Hill HS Gym, Perris, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/21/22YMCA Sports Center – Eau Claire, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/22/22Fontana/Riialto/Chaffey SD – Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CaliforniaU-CAN
9/22/22University of South Dakota – Vermillion, South DakotaCCASD
9/22/22Santa Fe High School – Santa Fe, New MexicoNMCAC
9/22/22Capital High School – Santa Fe, New MexicoNMCAC
9/22/22Saint Michael’s High School – Santa Fe, New MexicoNMCAC
9/22/22UW Stevens Point – Wausau, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/22/22Mount Marty University – Yankton, South DakotaCCASD
9/23/22Hodag Dome – Rhinelander, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/22/22South Sioux City High School – South Sioux City, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/23/22Pecos High School – Pecos, New MexicoNMCAC
9/23/22Robertson High School – Las Vegas, New MexicoNMCAC
9/23/22West Las Vegas High School – Las Vegas, New MexicoNMCAC
9/24/22Clark County SD – Doolittle Community Center, Las Vegas, NevadaU-CAN
9/25/22Loudon County Public Schools – Independence High School, Ashburn, VirginiaLCPS
9/26/22Hastings High School – Hastings, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/26/22Huron High School – Huron, South DakotaCCASD
9/26/22Kearney Catholic High School – Kearney, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/26/22LaCrosse Expo Center – LaCrosse, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/26/22Clovis High School – Clovis, New MexicoNMCAC
9/26/22Texico High School – Texico, New MexicoNMCAC
9/26/22Portales High School – Portales, New MexicoNMCAC
9/27/22Holdrege High School – Holdrege, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/27/22Lake Area Technical College – Watertown, South DakotaCCASD
9/27/22Hobbs High School – Hobbs, New MexicoNMCAC
9/27/22Eunice High School – Eunice, New MexicoNMCAC
9/27/22Lovington High School – Lovington, New MexicoNMCAC
9/27/22McCook High School – McCook, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/27/22Saint Norbert College Day 1 – DePere, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/27/22Mid-State Technical College – Wisconsin Rapids, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/28/22Eagle Butte High School – Eagle Butte, South DakotaCCASD
9/28/22Lexington High School – Lexington, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/28/22Saint Norbert College Day 2 – DePere, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/28/22Mobridge Armory – Mobridge, South DakotaCCASD
9/28/22North Platte High School – North Platte, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/28/22Artesia High School – Artesia, New MexicoNMCAC
9/28/22Loving High School – Loving, New MexicoNMCAC
9/28/22Carlsbad High School – Carlsbad, New MexicoNMCAC
9/29/22Grand Island Senior High School – Grand Island, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/29/22Northwest High School – Grand Island, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
9/29/22Northern State University – Aberdeen, South DakotaCCASD
9/29/22UW Oshkosh – Oshkosh, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
9/29/22Goddard High School – Carlsbad, New MexicoNMCAC
9/29/22New Mexico Military Institute – Roswell, New MexicoNMCAC
9/30/22Roswell High School – Roswell, New MexicoNMCAC
10/3/22Stanley County High School – Fort Pierre, South DakotaCCASD
10/3/22Southeast High School – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/4/22Carthage College – Kenosha, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/4/22Custer High School – Custer, South DakotaCCASD
10/4/22North Star High School – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/4/22Northeast High School – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/4/22Red Cloud Indian School – Pine Ridge, South DakotaCCASD
10/5/22Lincoln High School – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/5/22Spearfish High School – Spearfish, South DakotaCCASD
10/5/22Southeast Community College – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/5/22Delavan-Darien High School – Delavan, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/6/22Cathedral Catholic High School – San Diego, CaliforniaCathedral Catholic High School College Fair
10/6/22Craig High School – Janesville, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/6/22East High School – Lincoln, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/6/22The Monument Event Center – Rapid City, South DakotaCCASD
10/7/22Sun Prairie West High School – Sun Prairie, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/16/22Eagle Bank Arena – Fairfax, VirginiaFairfax County Public Schools College Fair
10/17/22UW Platteville – Platteville, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/17/22Quemado High School – Quemado, New MexicoNMCAC
10/18/22New Berlin West High School – New Berlin, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/18/22Arrowhead High School – Hartland, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/18/22Western New Mexico University – Silver City, New MexicoNMCAC
10/18/22Lordsburg High School – Lordsburg, New MexicoNMCAC
10/18/22Hatch Valley High School – Hatch, New MexicoNMCAC
10/19/22Mount Mary University – Milwaukee, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/19/22Franklin High School – Franklin, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/19/22Centennial High School – Las Cruces, New MexicoNMCAC
10/19/22Organ Mountain High School – Las Cruces, New MexicoNMCAC
10/20/22Lakeland University – Sheboygan, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
10/20/22Santa Teresa High School – Santa Teresa, New MexicoNMCAC
10/20/22Gadsen High School – Anthony, New MexicoNMCAC
10/20/22Chaparral High School – Chapparal, New MexicoNMCAC
10/21/22Cloudcroft High School – Cloudcroft, New MexicoNMCAC
10/24/22South High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/24/22Westview High School – Bennington, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/25/22North High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/25/22South High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/26/22Bryan High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/26/22Northwest High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/27/22Burke High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/27/22Benson High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
10/28/22Central High School – Omaha, NebraskaEducationQuest/NACRAO
3/13/23Madison Area Tech College – Madison, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
3/16/23Fond du Lac High School – Fond du Lac, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs
3/17/23Waukesha North High School – Waukesha, WisconsinWisconsin Education Fairs